Few words about LiveJasmin history, credits options and cheat possibilities

LiveJasmin was created based on the interest of new concept - reality shows. It was designed to connect something like the online show with the live performance and the adult entertainment. It’s important that the site offers the possibility to see streams without registration. But all best options are available for credits, the official LiveJasmin money. To get the currency, you can buy package or look for a different way and cheat the system. It’s possible and available for free, you just need to know the place with a good generator.

Gratis access for every interested user!

Now liveJasmin is something between chat and streaming site. You can write and talk with Models, be only a passive watcher or have the influence on everything and make your dreams come true. If you’re interested in using the site but you want to save money and do it for free, we’re here for you. Our LiveJasmin credits cheat system is the tool you’ll appreciate in a short period of time.

livejasmin credits cheat

LiveJasmin questions you would like to ask before you cheat the system and get credits

Below some important LiveJasmin matters you have to know to enjoy the site and credits method to cheat fully.

  1. Are all LiveJasmin shows live? Yes, they are. It’s important that all performances available on the site happen in the real time. In private options, you can also have the possibility to interact with the Model with view or audio but this mode needs more credits.
  2. Is the option to use the site available only on computers? You can enjoy shows both on computer or using your smartphone. What’s important - the cheat system works the same way: the generator has mode both for stationary and portable devices. This way you can enjoy performances the way you like.
  3. What additional options are available in chats? On LiveJasmin you may interact with the Model during the private chat. But there are 2 additional options too. You don’t have to just watch the Performer, you can also:
    • use your camera to see each other - and it’s called Cam2Cam option
    • use your microphone and start talking with the Model - and this option is Two-Way audio.
    Both above options are great but they are more expensive so you need more credits to pay for them. And each Model may have their private price for these kinds of shows.
  4. How to create a favourite list of Performers? We believe that with our cheat system you’ll spend many great moments on LiveJasmin. And then the list of your favourite Models may be very helpful. You can save your favourite Performers and then they are available under the heart icon. They list may be always modified by adding and removing your favourite LiveJasmin Models.
  5. How is it possible to get additional credits? Additional LiveJasmin currency may be bought or generated. If you want to save money, we recommend you to use the cheat system and create free vouchers. With the special generator every user may have the access to unlimited credits which may be used to spend and rank.
  6. What is the rank on LiveJasmin? The rank is connected with the Jasmin Elite Loyalty Program. Is the novelty which has been created recently. There are six level:
    • Crush
    • Lover
    • Sweetheart
    • Lancelot
    • Romeo
    • Casanova.
    The Casanova is the higher rank on LiveJasmin. To go higher in rank, user has to spend credits and get special points for that. Points are counted by spending credits on watching shows and tipping Models - especially during private shows. It’s hard to become the Casanova and then keep the position, but with our LiveJasmin credits cheat method it’s easier because you don’t have to pay for this with your private money. The Casanova has the possibility to check and get some additional options - like chatting with porn stars Performers and getting more points for everything.
  7. Are there any limits of watching LiveJasmin shows because of using generated credits? If you use the cheat method to get the currency it doesn’t affect on anything. You aren’t limited - the only limit is your account balance. So if you need more credits, use the cheat method again, get vouchers and come back to enjoy Livejasmin shows.
  8. Is using the cheat method the end of buying credits? Using our LiveJasmin generator is the end of buying credits by you. When you can have them without paying, you don’t need to spend your private money for getting them. Just generate and enjoy as many performances as you want.

The LiveJasmin credits cheat method was created to provide all LiveJasmin users the possibility to get the currency for free. If you like watching shows, the generator is also the tool for you. Start the process and generate credits in the new 2019 mode. It was created for users comfort and pleasure.

Gratis access for every interested user!