Overall issues

All generated credits are visible in the table of latest activities. When your credits are visible in your account, they’re also available in the table to see. It’s a normal procedure on the site. Don’t worry, nobody can track you with these details. We don’t share any confidential pieces of information.

We’re the best because you can get free LiveJasmin credits here independently from your location and device. What’s more, you can use the free LiveJasmin generator more than once.

The short guide is available on the site. Click HOW IT WORKS and familiarize with the process. It’s easy, intuitive and lasts only a while!

Usually the process takes about 10-20 minutes. After this time you can start using your free LiveJasmin credits. Sometimes (when the site is busy) it may last longer - up to 12 hours. We encourage to contact with the Support then - they can accelerate any process for you.

You can generate here as many times as you want without changing your device or IP address. The generator is always at your hand!

Yes, it is. Our website is CDN powered, SSL secured and protected against DDoS attacks to make sure that your visit on our website is completely safe. Also our generating system is improved every day to make it as safe as it's possible.

The generator is updated regularly. The site too. You can always have the access to the latest and best version we have for you.

Your generated credits amount may be different by 10%. It happens sometimes because our system is automatic and we have thousands users at a specified time.

Keep in mind that LiveJasmin has also its own statute and FAQ. If you have more questions, check the site, subpages with guide or contact with the Support.